We exist to enrich the lives of our adventurers as well as the communities we travel to.


Our Mission

Immersed in this beautiful yet broken world, we believe that it is our responsibility to enjoy all of creation and live life to the fullest while also giving back to those in need. That's why we work to send travelers on unforgettable, community-focused adventure trips that shatter our comfort-zones while empowering underprivileged locals.

Travel Like  a Local

Traveling with KAT means traveling with passionate people. We hire local guides who are passionate about their country to show us the kind of adventure that only a local would know. We strive to fully immerse our travelers in the uniqueness of the local culture, eating at their favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurants, shopping at their favorite market, and exchanging stories with the community fruit lady who has been selling mangos on the same street corner for years. 

Give back as you travel

Because our heart is to empower communities, we work with like minded companies who work for the good of the “least of these” around them. Our local guides and country representatives are always looking for opportunities to empower local villages and support local small businesses. A percentage of all of KAT’s profits goes towards supporting the micro-loan program, and our missionary vacation fund, which provides free vacations for those who are serving to love impoverished and under-resourced people around the world.

It’s our responsibility as humans to not only explore and enjoy the world, but also to create and cultivate in it, to steward it well