I have never, ever learned this much about God in a single week...I think that it’s probably - without even exaggerating - probably the most exciting and the most meaningful time of my entire life.
— Eric M. participant in 2012


This trip combines the desire for adventure with the need for purpose. The purpose of the retreat is to apply spiritual disciplines to your life (listening prayer, spiritual warfare, solitude, etc) while you explore the country through a different lens. 

How does climbing the highest peak in Northern Ireland to worship sound?


Each day you will have the opportunity to explore the Emerald Isle in various ways; from climbing majestic mountains to swimming the rugged coastline, from examining Belfast City’s troubled past to moseying through rich green fields dotted with sheep, from touring ancient man-made structures to enjoying God-made natural wonders. At each location you will dive into one of many diverse spiritual topics that will not only grow your understanding of who God is but provide opportunities to experience Him in new and deeper ways. Such topics include: Recognizing the Voice of God, Spiritual Warfare, The Nature and Character of God, Intercession, and so much more! This trip is meticulously planned but ultimately under the direction of the Holy Spirit. Any attempt to set a hard itinerary for spiritual adventure invariably proves futile.

Are you tired of predictable travel? Do you want to have the Holy Spirit guide you on the adventure of a lifetime? This is just the trip for you!


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May 28 – June 5
2017 *


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July 28 – August 8
2017 *

September 9 – 17
2017 *

* Please note the first and last days of each trip are travel days.