Playing Football, Seeing the World!

After playing college football, an opportunity presented itself for me to play and coach football in Europe. This journey is taking me to a country that appears on most "Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries of the World" lists: Norway!

I have the job of playing football as well as coaching for a youth team for the organization. My job will allow me to see a lot of the country, and I will also get an opportunity to see some of other parts of Europe as well. It’s already apparent that traveling is awesome, but when you attach a greater purpose, it makes it so much better! This is more to me than getting paid to play a game; This is more to me than seeing some more of the world (although they’re awesome perks!)… This is about making an impact.

Now this trip isn’t like most of that nature. I am not in a place where material necessities are limited, it’s actually quite the opposite here. Yet my main purpose is to influence those around me. If they can become grateful for what they have, if they can recognize how much God has blessed them, and if they can understand they are created for so much more on this earth, then that will complete my trip. Playing football, coaching football, and traveling are all passions of mine, but with having a greater purpose in mind my passions can make an impact where I travel.

I have been to many countries serving on mission trips. During these journeys I have seen much of the world. I’ve bumped into different wonders of the world, experienced adventures like playing with tigers and being on the world’s highest rope swing, but for some reason when I think back to those trips my first thought is always the lives of the people I came across.

See the real world out there, make an impact, and travel with a purpose!

-Daniel Chantlos