Adventure: Sand Boarding or Earthquake Refugee Living?

At Kingdom Adventure Travel, we believe in adventure. We believe in fun: experiencing and doing things you never imagined possible for you. We believe in pushing your limits and in getting out of your comfort zone. Most importantly, we believe in changing the world. We believe that the world is beautiful and full of excitement, but also broken and in great need of healing and love. We believe that it's our responsibility as humans to not only explore and enjoy the world, but also to create and cultivate in it- to steward it well. That's why we send people on out-of-the-ordinary, perspective-changing, community-empowering vacations; because, we were all created for adventure, for an abundant life, and for the good of all Creation and everyone in it! 

While meditating on this recently, I came across this blog from a few years ago by Seth Barnes, the founder of Adventures in Missions and our featured blogger for today. Seth has lived a life of adventure and mission that has taken him all around the globe, chasing God and the redemption that He has in store for the world. I believe Seth embodies what it looks like to be a Kingdom Adventure Traveler, and I hope this excerpt creates a longing in your heart for more. Enjoy>>

"I don't understand this numb, sedentary life that a lot of us lead. We were made for adventure. We were born with the DNA of God coursing thru our veins. The world's needs are great, and we were given all the resources we will ever require to go meet them - to shine his brilliant light in dark places.

We're told it can't happen, that they're too far away and the price is too dear. It's a bunch of lies and nonsense. Listen to what a blog reader wrote me on Thursday:

'I work in an office, I do sales for a publication that is devoted to trades. I constantly feel anxious, like I'm wasting my life, like this isn't the purpose God had for me when he made me... but I've done my own thing for so long that I am becoming entangled in the office spacer life...I worry about money. I don't know how I can provide for my wife if I live a life different than this one...but I hate this one.'

Can you relate? If so, let me in on a secret that will set you free! This life that you're leading is the only one you're ever going to have. You were made for adventure. Not the narcissistic kind that doesn't touch people, but the adventure of trusting God and doing great things. 

A few years ago, one of our teams from Adventures in Missions was in Peru, having the time of their lives helping the victims of the devastating earthquake there. One team took a break from their ministry to go sand boarding, a thrill most of us didn't even know existed. But the real adventure came afterwards when they said, "Yes, we've provided the refugees with roofs, electricity, and fumigation, but we want to really feel what they feel." After praying about it, they went with their backpacks and sleeping bags to live with them for the better part of a week. 
They are there now. 
Now that's what I call an adventure. It's what we were all made for!"

-Seth Barnes // Adventures In Missions